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Transversal actions

Transversal actions

Besides the specific 3 educational projects in Italy, Portugal and Romania, the programme includes a transversal coordination and knowledge production between the 4 partners in order to achieve the expected results.

Fism Formazione was responsible for coordinating the phase “Training of Trainers” with the purpose of coordinate partners to produce a guidelines draft of the project and the monitoring and evaluation phase of the project, assuring relevance and quality on each activity as well as the effectiveness and learning outcome of the training specific for women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Monitoring and Evaluation activity helped to assure the correct implementation of the activities, the effectiveness of the training delivered and the assessment of learning outcomes. In particular, it helped to measure the degree of stakeholder satisfaction (participants, trainers, experts involved, or the women recipients of the training) in order to verify the consistency between what was planned, delivered and achieved. Monitoring and Evaluation was conducted through a series of questionnaires carried out in the initial and final phase of each activity. There were both quantitative and qualitative indicators. By the end of the project the data was collected, organised and detailed in a final Report, which has been uploaded below.


Please click here for the results of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Best Practices
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